Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Newest Leader

Sally (left) and Erika (right).

We have a new La Leche League Leader, representing Cedar City! This is exciting news for our group, and the community! It's great to have someone as enthusiastic as Erika here to volunteer her time and energy to LLL! We would like to welcome Erika and have her introduce herself.

Tell us a little about yourself:

1.What do you like to do? Have any favorite hobbies or interests?
I really love to knit and sew. I like to garden, and tend to my flock of chickens. I love taking my children camping, and I really love to cook!

2.What inspired you to want to be an LLL Leader?
I love helping other mothers. I had a rough start with breastfeeding, and I always knew after that that I would spend my spare time helping other mothers with breastfeeding. All moms can use support and encouragement and it feels so good to just "be there" for other mothers, whether or not they are encountering problems with nursing.

3.What is your favorite thing about being involved with LLL?
Gentle encouragement goes a long way! It feels good to empower women to trust in their own mothering insticts. Plus, it is a great place to get to know wonderful women in the community!

4.How has breastfeeding affected your life as a mother?
It has absolutely affected my life in the most profound way. I am more confident, and more patient. I gained a greater understanding for my children and an immense amount of love for them! I have looked forward to this for a long time and now that it is here, I will fill the role to the best of my ability. I want to support and encourage breastfeeding mothers from all walks of life.

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